Josh is 20 and has been out of home for 2 years.

Josh says, “Don’t look at homeless people as drifters. Just because we don’t have a home doesn’t mean we’re not human, we still have feelings and we still cry the same.”

And Josh’s story is one that may well bring tears to your eyes…

Josh used to live with his Dad. His Dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and Josh was his carer, from the moment he was diagnosed until he died. Josh looked after the medication, bathing his Dad…everything.

Josh was just a teenager when all of this was going on. To cope with the responsibility and the trauma of watching his Dad dying, Josh began to use drugs.

After his Dad died, Josh went to live with his Mum but that didn’t work out. There was family violence and he describes it as “mayhem.” Josh then ended up on the streets where he was cycling around and couch surfing and spent some time in crisis shelters.

Josh is now connected with The Salvation Army Youth Outreach Service – Spring Hill for support and accommodation. He says “drugs are out of the picture now” and he’s getting on track.

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