“When you’re sleeping rough you know at any time someone can just come up and harass you or stab you or take your things. There’s no safe place. This isn’t other homeless people hassling you, but lads, like college kids. I was bashed and harassed by a group of college kids who dropped a student card so I went to the school and told the principal what they did. I think they got in trouble.”
Marshall, 20 years old and homeless for 4 years

Thanks to Marshall for sharing his truth about his experience of homelessness.

Our #30facesofhomelessness campaign is about putting a human face – and a real-life story – to our ‘why’ by introducing you to some of the amazing young people we’ve met through Joining Hands. These young people are living extraordinary lives and their resilience, tenacity, heart and humour are nothing short of amazing.

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