Meet Tiarna. She’s 19 and has been out of home since she was 2 years old.

Tiarna’s story is one of strength, system failures, resilience, foster care, strength, abuse, hope…and did we mention strength?!
Domestic and family violence has had an enormous impact on Tiarna’s life – her family relationships, intimate relationships and in a lot of ways, it changed who she was is the world. It also meant this young woman didn’t have the ‘happy childhood’ a lot of us take for granted. She says, “It was hard to be in a family situation. I was in foster care and they were the best parents ever. Karen was so loving. I was angry and didn’t know how to be loved and the placement broke down.”

Tiarna has finished year 12, has a Cert 3 in Education Support, obtained her RSA and finished a Diploma of Counselling. Her long term plan is to study youth work and do psychology and law.

She says, “If you find something you like in life, go for it. You need to believe in yourself, need the right support and you CAN make it. You need to believe in yourself and I wanted to get somewhere in in life.”

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