We’ve known Simon for a while now and are so, so honored that he’s shared the following with us (content warning: self-harm).

“I have self harmed since the age of 10, so 10 or 11 years. I have been seeing psychologists since I was 13. I have had close to 40 hospital admissions between the ages of 15 and 18 for self harming, suicide ideation and suicide attempts. I’ve engaged in multiple services and a lot of it didn’t work because of medication and straight therapy. It didn’t work as I learned from people who have been through it. The Youth In Search Camps were a great support because the support is from young people.

People self-harm for many different reasons, not just one… It’s a way to express your emotions when you can’t say them. I don’t know what my catalyst was as so much shit was going on at the one time. Self-harm does not come in one form, it comes in many… hair pulling, scratching, burning, cutting and self-destructive behaviours.

You’re not alone in your self-harm journey, there are others and it makes me feel less unusual or weird about it. A big goal is one day I don’t want to have to self-harm to feel better.”

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