Amie is 19 and has been out of home on and off since she was 14. Amie says “I went back home at different times but it never felt right going back after I left. I grew away from my family while I was out of home. I have two brothers at home but they don’t make me feel welcome when I go back home so I don’t stay there.

When I was young I had a lot of emotional pressures and it wasn’t settling to be at home. I left home for personal reasons and my family didn’t understand what I was going through. I developed mental health issues and I didn’t feel they knew how to support or understand my mental health.

When you’re young and homeless you can’t help where you end up. I tried to return home but it didn’t work. After about the tenth time returning home, I was kicked out for good.”

Amie couch surfed at different places for years, went to some supported accommodation services and now she’s in stable housing. As a result of her experience of homelessness, Amie says she has less trust now for people… but far more knowledge.

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