Simon is 20 and has experienced homelessness for the past 3 years.

He says, “I left home, as my mental health was affecting everything. I was reacting violently as my family were very controlling and wouldn’t let me leave the house. They were trying to protect me from myself; I was self-harming and thinking about suicide. It was at 3am and dad asked me to leave so I left and was walking around and the cops recognised me and picked me up and told me to go home.”

From this point, Simon went from one shelter to another to another, spent some time at a residential mental health facility and stayed with his sister for a while. Simon’s experience is a reminder that homelessness isn’t just about sleeping on the streets, as he says “its people who are staying with friends and who have nowhere else to go, people in shelters and transitional housing.”

Simon is part of something pretty special happening at the end of the month – stay tuned!