Krystle works at The Salvation Army Youth Outreach Service – Spring Hill, pictured here (L) with her client Amie (C) and colleague Michael (R). She believes “all young people should automatically have access to the same opportunities, experiences and resources, including housing, regardless of their circumstances. The fact that they don’t drives me to keep working in this sector and keep advocating for the needs of young people.”

Krystle really believes in young people and their ability to achieve their goals and says she is constantly inspired by their resilience, humour, courage, resourcefulness and capacity to care, despite their circumstances. She knows the impact a positive relationship with youth workers can have in the life of a young person and is encouraged by this.

Krystle describes how she came to do what she does like this: “I started my career as a homelessness social worker, working predominantly with adult men experiencing long term primary homelessness. The majority of men I worked with had first experienced homelessness as an adolescent and I found this motivated me to move into the youth homelessness sector.”

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