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Our 2017 Young Women’s Retreat

Our annual retreat for young women was held on Tuesday 14th November and it was a power FULL day! Each ticket sold to our Recalibrate and Reignite retreats earlier in the year funded a place for a homeless and vulnerable young woman to have her own retreat experience....

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Reignite – Our Second 2017 Retreat

The theme of our second one-day women’s retreat for 2017 on Sunday 22 October was ‘Reignite’. Our intent was to create a program that was about invigorating the mind and body as well as encouraging imagination and inspiration. The program was jam-packed with...

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Our GiveBack Wrap Up for 2017

We are leading a social-purpose movement in the health and wellness industry to inspire GiveBack that transforms the lives of homeless and vulnerable young people. Our GiveBack is when we’re out in the community, providing access to health and wellness services and...

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When It All Comes Together

Wednesday was a big day for us – huge!! That day saw the culmination of our #30facesofhomelessness campaign that was all about introducing some of the incredible young people we’ve met. During the campaign we were honored to share the stories…of their experience of...

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How We Started 2017 Giving Back

  Here’s an update of our GiveBack from the first three months of 2017. We kicked the year off reconnecting with some of the young people we see regularly at the Red Cross Night Café and Jabiru College. We also made some new connections. This introduced us to a...

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Why Youth Homelessness Matters to me.

Why Youth Homelessness Matters to me? Today is Youth Homelessness Matters Day which is part of National Youth Week.  I was driving along today and began to reflect on this day and why youth homelessness matters so much to me. So much that I have devoted the last 20...

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Recalibrate – Our 2017 Retreat

The theme of our annual one-day women’s retreat on Sunday 12 March was ‘Recalibrate’. Our intent was to create a program that facilitated the time, space and experiences that encouraged resting the body, relaxing the mind and restoring connection. The retreat was a...

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Our November and December GiveBack

Here’s an update of our GiveBack from the last two months of 2016. As you can see, we were flat out right up until we collapsed into our holidays! We provided 325 wellness treatments to homeless and vulnerable young people over the months of November and December....

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Meet Our Tribe – GiveBack Ambassador Sam

After overcoming a terminal illness and debilitating chronic pain, Sam shifted career paths to help others have access to a better and more fulfilling life by sharing what she learnt. Samantha Deveson from Verve Massage is one of our tribe of GiveBack Ambassadors and...

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Change Making Ambassadors of the Month.

Neway Interiors

The incredible Nemo and team from Neway Interiors had a BBQ on site and raised a whopping 24 wellness sessions  for our GiveBack Program. Thanks guys!


Bella Bliss Massage

Thanks Kate and the team from her previous Day Job at QML where they paid forward 23.5 sessions through Workplace Massage!

Kindred Toxin Free Facials

We love Nat! Nat and her amazing community paid forward 20 wellness session for our Give Back Program!

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