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Reignite – Our Second 2017 Retreat

The theme of our second one-day women’s retreat for 2017 on Sunday 22 October was ‘Reignite’. Our intent was to create a program that was about invigorating the mind and body as well as encouraging imagination and inspiration. The program was jam-packed with...

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A Powerful Day

We held our retreat for young women on Tuesday 1 November and it was a powerful day! There was relaxation, release, inspiration, pampering and fun. The level of engagement in the women-only held space was phenomenal and tears flowed, deep insights were shared and...

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Our September and October GiveBack

Here’s an update of our GiveBack from September and October. Life…sometimes it gets crazy busy right? Looking back over the past few months has made us smile. There have been a few moments of serious should-ing, you know what it’s like when you give yourself a hard...

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Meet Our Tribe – GiveBack Ambassador Natalie

Natalie Sellars from Kindred Toxin Free Facials is one of our tribe of GiveBack Ambassadors and we want to introduce you to this amazing businesswoman and her ethos of kindness. At Joining Hands we have a background in the wellness sector and love Natalie’s toxin free...

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Our August GiveBack

Our GiveBack over the month of August was a whopping 272 sessions! That’s almost 300 health and wellbeing sessions delivered to vulnerable and homeless young people. After such a huge month out and about in the community we crunched the numbers and were pleased (and a...

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Wellness for Homeless = Haircuts for Homeless

Wellness is more than not being sick. Having a sense of wellness covers every aspect of our being – our emotional, spiritual, mental and physical health are intertwined. Sometimes these aspects grate against each other; sometimes they’re beautifully interconnected....

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Meet Our Tribe – GiveBack Ambassador Kate

Kate Kimber from Bella Bliss Massage is one of our tribe of GiveBack Ambassadors and we’d like to introduce you to this generous, big-hearted woman. Kate is a kind empath. She’s a mum of two gorgeous girls, a part time medical typist and a passionate massage...

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Our July GiveBack

We are leading a social-purpose movement in the health and wellness industry to inspire GiveBack that transforms the lives of homeless and vulnerable young people. We can all contribute to balancing access and equity for young people who could not otherwise afford...

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How One Woman Stepped Up (and Took Action)

We’ve got a new GiveBack Ambassador and the tale of how she came to sign up is amazing. It’s a weird world we live in. We have 24-hour news, unbroken live coverage and words-and-picture commentary on social media. Twitter goes crazy and Facebook has the ubiquitous...

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Our June GiveBack

We are leading a social-purpose movement in the health and wellness industry to inspire GiveBack that transforms the lives of homeless and vulnerable young people. But we can’t do it without the support of our amazing tribe of GiveBack Ambassadors who are part of our...

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Our Month of Gratitude

With the end of June came the end of Our Month of Gratitude. Our intent was to spend a month being a little more mindful, a little more conscious about two little words: thank you. June is a month that comes with a flurry of activity around the end of the financial...

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Change Making Ambassadors of the Month.

Neway Interiors

The incredible Nemo and team from Neway Interiors had a BBQ on site and raised a whopping 24 wellness sessions  for our GiveBack Program. Thanks guys!


Bella Bliss Massage

Thanks Kate and the team from her previous Day Job at QML where they paid forward 23.5 sessions through Workplace Massage!

Kindred Toxin Free Facials

We love Nat! Nat and her amazing community paid forward 20 wellness session for our Give Back Program!

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