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Better productivity begins with a healthy workplace.
We are a health and wellbeing solution with a difference.


Joining Hands talks with the Procurement Transformation Division at the Department of Housing and Public Works. Film from Aidworthy.

Healthy people = healthy profits

The 2014 Price Waterhouse Coopers report Creating a Mentally Healthy Workplace found that for every dollar spent on successfully implementing a workplace wellness program, there was an average $2.30 made back in productivity.

Joining Hands provides a detailed program designed to integrate wellness at a Corporate scale, implementing stress-reduction, health, balance and mindfulness where it is needed most. If you are a company looking to boost the satisfaction and productivity of your team, while engaging socially though our GiveBack cycle, then reward yourselves with our Corporate wellness services, including:

  • Workshops for stress, resilience, and mindfulness
  • Workplace massage
  • Yoga and meditation sessions
  • Pop-up kiosks for the office.

Why choose Joining Hands? Because we GiveBack health and wellness to vulnerable young people in community.

For every 1 hour of Corporate Wellness provided we GiveBack 1 health and wellness session to a homeless and vulnerable young person to aid in their healing and recovery.

Choosing Joining Hands for your Corporate Wellness needs means you have a healthy and happier workplace and GiveBack to vulnerable young people in your local community. You get to feel twice as good and meet your Corporate Social Responsibility at the same time.

You can find our range of individual wellness services here!

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Workplace Massage

Value your staff and offer a moment for therapeutic massage that releases physical, mental and emotional tension creating a happier, healthier and productive workplace resulting in improved productivity and profitability. Your staff and business benefit from Corporate Massage and you get to feel twice as good for supporting our community GiveBack* program.

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Wellness Kiosks

A first in the Corporate Wellness Industry, our innovative pop-up wellness kiosk brings Corporate Massage to you. Our pop up kiosk can be set up in office building foyers providing workplace massage and increasing awareness of the importance of workplace wellness.

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Yoga and Meditation For Your Workplace

There are numerous benefits that can be experienced after your employees participate in a Yoga or Meditation session, with the most common including:

  • Reducing workplace stress
  • Building strength and ability to respond to workplace challenges
  • Strengthening staff morale and team building
  • Improving concentration and productivity

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Experience Mindfulness workshop

A course in Mindfulness Techniques & Practice

Mindfulness is a mind-body based approach that can assist you in changing the way you think and feel about your experiences, especially stressful experiences.

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Strategic Happiness workshop

An introduction to positive psychology & keys to sustainable happiness.

This workshop is an introduction to the concepts and skills in positive psychology, flourishing and happiness, and to increase the use of these skills in the workplace. The mindfulness exercises conducted during the session are designed to improve participants’ ability to apply the skills at work at individual, team and organizational levels.

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Emotional resilience workshop

How to deal better with stress and failure.

GlaxoSmithKline have defined ‘resilience’ as: “the ability to succeed personally and professionally in the midst of a high pressured, fast moving and continuously changing environment” and have applied this concept in the company’s work to enhance the effectiveness of individual employees as well as teams.”

But what is ‘emotional resilience’? “Emotional resilience” is more hard-hitting than many of the other methods promising to keep us cool, calm and collected.

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Using Positive Psychology workshop

A course in Stress & Resilience.

Applying the work of experts from psychologists to philosophers, we examine ways in which we can be resilient and achieve greater emotional well-being. We’ll discuss specific ways to reduce stress and look at how, by learning to develop our personal resilience, we can enjoy our work lives more fully.

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Love what we do? Join our movement.

Together we can increase our impact on the health and wellness of homeless and vulnerable young people. We have big visions and want you to join us for the ride! It’s as simple as booking your next haircut, yoga class, fitness class, dance class, nutrition class, mindfulness session, massage and more with your local GiveBack Ambassador.

Help us grow our movement. We thrive from your people power. Next time you talk to your massage therapist, book a massage,  or head to your yoga centre, tell them about our Ambassador Program.

For bookings and more information, contact us here.


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