Get involved and Inspire Change.

We believe that together we can transform the lives of homeless and vulnerable young people through our community GiveBack program. When thousands of us join together to give in a small way, it adds up to creating and inspiring great change in a big way.

Inspire change.

Our team inspires change wherever we go. Whether in a corporate office, a conference, on retreats, in our partner clinics, or through our GiveBack Ambassadors, we have the opportunity to inspire people to make changes that improve their health. We have the opportunity to raise awareness about youth homelessness and mental health issues in our local communities; the opportunity to inspire people to feel connected to self, and to community. We inspire people with our enthusiasm and passion for social enterprise. Through the simple act of consuming consciously, we can all change the planet.

Be an Individual mover and shaker

  • Next time you book a massage and wellbeing session, go to a yoga class, get a haircut or visit the gym, check out our website first and visit your local JH partner clinic or GiveBack Ambassador. For every session, hair cut or class you attend, you are part of creating real positive change in the life of a homeless and vulnerable young person
  • Visit our Buy Well Shop where you can buy GiveBack health and wellness sessions for a homeless and vulnerable young person. From as little as $5 you can give access for a young person in need to a life changing yoga class, haircut, fitness class, dance class, nutrition class, mindfulness session, massage and more
  • Presents for friends and family? Feel twice as good with our amazing range of JH Gift Vouchers
  • Attend our annual rejuvenating Retreat
  • Follow the conversation on our Blog, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
  • Sign up for our newsletter (there’s a form at the bottom of this page)

Be a Business mover and shaker

  • Speak to your HR and Managers about the importance and benefits of Creating Healthy Workplaces and let them know that simply by engaging JH you will also be giving back.
  • Bring our amazing team into your office to provide all of your Corporate Wellness needs
  • Reward your team and clients with our Corporate Wellness Gift Vouchers
  • Bring our innovative Massage Kiosk into the foyer of your office building
  • Have JH provide your next Events Massage
  • As a wellness provider, sign up to be a GiveBack Ambassador and join our movement

Love what we do? Join our movement.

Together we can increase our impact on the health and wellness of homeless and vulnerable young people. We have big visions and want you to join us for the ride! It’s as simple as booking your next haircut, yoga class, fitness class, dance class, nutrition class, mindfulness session, massage and more with your local GiveBack Ambassador.

Help us grow our movement. We thrive from your people power. Next time you talk to your massage therapist, book a massage,  or head to your yoga centre, tell them about our Ambassador Program

Bookings, questions, comments? We’d love to hear from you.

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