Kristen is the founder of two businesses that are all about creating a better world – Inspired Living Events and Spray-Free Farmacy. Just a few years ago, Kristen lived another life as a well paid, Monday to Friday government PR person with a mortgage, a whole lot of ‘stuff’ and pretty extreme IBS. Then she read a book called No Impact Man and stepped onto a completely different path.

Since then, she’s cured her IBS, left her job, sold the house and most of the stuff, had another baby, built two businesses from scratch and facilitated countless friendships and business connections. She’s also run 29 film nights, 20 workshops, 5 sold out retreats and sold more than 1500 veggie boxes.

Along the way she’s learnt a lot about business, the world and herself. At this special event, Kristen will share with us what being a leader with soul means to her, and how she balances business, motherhood and self care without falling apart (at least not very often!).