Mikaela’s most recent experience of homelessness started four years ago. But her family became homeless when she was young and she went into a shelter with her mum.

Mikaela spoke to us about how much joy her cat brings to her. She says, “He’s been best thing in my life, I love having lots of cuddles with my JayJay.” She wanted to bring him to the photo shoot as her ‘special thing’ but gave us this photo of him instead.

There can be so many changes for young people when they move from homelessness into safe and stable accommodation. This is how Mikaela explains it: “Once you find your own place, you can be yourself. You get to ‘drop it all’; you don’t have to meet other’s expectations. I’d rather be on my own, have my own privacy. Some people have thought it’s depression but I like to be on my own, I can think clearly and sort things for myself while I’m on my own.”

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