After overcoming a terminal illness and debilitating chronic pain, Sam shifted career paths to help others have access to a better and more fulfilling life by sharing what she learnt.

Samantha Deveson from Verve Massage is one of our tribe of GiveBack Ambassadors and we’d like to introduce you to this generous, big-hearted woman.

Once upon a time, Sam held a senior role in Crisis and Emergency Management for 17 years. She had worked in this area for almost 20 years. Then life threw her a curve ball and it was time to make some radical changes.

After overcoming a terminal illness and debilitating chronic pain in the connective tissue throughout her body, Sam decided to shift career paths and help others access a better and more fulfilling life by sharing what she learnt. Sam discovered how difficult it was to find a massage therapist with sufficient understanding of physiology, biomechanics, stretching and exercise prescription that was genuinely dedicated to the well being of each and every client. After this discovery, Sam knew what she wanted to do – to create an environment specifically tailored to that.

Sam is a diploma qualified Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist. She’s now had approximately three years experience in massage and has helped hundreds of people to wellness through her massage treatments. She’s worked with patients suffering chronic illness through to elite AFL players and members of the Queensland and Sydney Symphony Orchestras.

Sam has had the privilege of learning massage techniques from some of the world’s leading therapists, as well as a bio mechanist with more than 20 years experience. As part of her dedication to her clients and commitment to providing the best care and treatment, she provides a bio-mechanical assessment prior to the treatment. In addition, she educates her clients about stretches and beneficial exercise to maximise their well-being. At Verve Massage, Sam provides deep tissue, pregnancy, relaxation, shiatsu and oedema massages.

Today in addition to massage therapy Sam enjoys an active life with Latin dancing, yoga, hiking, surfing, cycling and swimming. These are things she was told she would never be able to achieve due to her prior terminal medical diagnosis. She’s also an active member of our GiveBack Ambassador tribe.

Sam supports our vision of Wellness for Homeless through her GiveBack Ambassador subscription and by being a regular therapist in our GiveBack Program when we’re out and about in the community providing wellness treatments for vulnerable and homeless young people.

There was a deeply personal reason that drew her to become an Ambassador. Sam faced homelessness at the age of 16 and now has a very tender spot in her heart for people experiencing homelessness. Sam says, “I love the work the Joining Hands Team do in terms of providing access to natural therapies for people who are homeless and financially disadvantaged. It is a real privilege to be able to give back to the community in this way.”


As an Ambassador Sam joined us at the Brisbane Homeless Connect Event where she provided massages. She described the experience as “an absolute joy to see so many people benefiting from this event and to be able to provide hands on relief.”

We’re blessed to have Sam as part of our tribe. If you share our vision of Wellness for Homeless and want to know more about becoming a GiveBack Ambassador, read more here.