Here’s an update of our GiveBack from the last two months of 2016. As you can see, we were flat out right up until we collapsed into our holidays! We provided 325 wellness treatments to homeless and vulnerable young people over the months of November and December.

Gratitude to the following businesses and organisations that paid for our services:

By paying for our wellbeing services such as workplace massage, these businesses and organisations enable us to GiveBack wellness services to vulnerable and homeless young people. If you’re part of a workplace that could do with some workplace wellness, head over here to see the range of services we offer. You can feel twice as good knowing your workplace is taking steps to wellness and providing access to treatments for vulnerable and homeless young people.

We held our retreat for young women on Tuesday 1 November and it was a powerful day! We were a huge group, with 35 young women, 15 support workers representing 10 support services across Brisbane and our tribe of Joining Hands GiveBack Ambassadors. You can read more about the day here.

Our GiveBack at the end of 2016 saw us providing treatments at our regular gigs. The beauty of having these regular gigs is that we get to build relationships and trust each time we’re there (so important!) with the young people receiving treatments. Here’s where we were…

  • Brisbane Town Hall at the Red Cross Night Café where we provided 75 sessions
  • We set up our massage chairs and pop up hairdressers near the mobile laundry from Orange Sky Laundry and provided 15 haircut sessions and 40 massage sessions
  • At Brisbane Youth Service Centre for Young Families where we provided 10 sessions to young parents. We also provided treatments to a three year old child and a 9 month old baby who were in deep need.
  • At Jabiru College where we provided 10 sessions to the young people attending the college.

Special thanks to our GiveBack Ambassadors who had the highest contributions for the period:

We’re excited about the impact we’re having providing Wellness for Homeless. We’ve now provided more than 2400 sessions to almost 1600 people!!! It truly is incredible to witness the impact that access to wellness treatments is having on the lives of vulnerable and homeless young people. Want to join our tribe and get involved? Find out how here.