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We are leading a GiveBack movement

In the health and wellness industry, we are leading a movement of GiveBack for social change, transforming the lives of homeless and vulnerable young people. When thousands of us join together to give, it adds up and creates great change in our world. For every 1 health and wellbeing service provided, we give back one health and wellbeing service to a homeless and vulnerable young person through our community GiveBack Program. Every night in Australia over 44 000 young people are homeless.  These young people have often experienced trauma and abuse and are more likely to suffer from poor physical and mental health as a result. Our Founder Kylie, being a cancer survivor and thriver and a natural therapist with 17 years in the youth homelessness sector identified an unmet need in community. In 2009 Kylie began running health and wellbeing clinics partnered with Brisbane Youth Service – Centre for Young Women.  The young people often shared that it was the first time they had ever been touched in a healthy non-violent way. Since Joining Hands began its GiveBack Program in 2012 we have provided over 670 health and wellbeing sessions to homeless and vulnerable young people and people in community. In 2014 we provided an incredible 288 health and wellbeing sessions through our GiveBack program. Connect with us and feel twice as good!

Joining Hands is provider of GiveBack health and wellness services to these youth organisations:

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Together we can increase our impact on the health and wellness of homeless and vulnerable young people. We have big visions and want you to join us for the ride! It’s as simple as booking your next haircut, yoga class, fitness class, dance class, nutrition class, mindfulness session, massage and more with your local GiveBack Ambassador.

Help us grow our movement. We thrive from your people power. Next time you talk to your massage therapist, book a massage,  or head to your yoga centre, tell them about our Ambassador Program.

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