Platinum Ambassadors

Inspired Living Events

Corporate Wellness, Health/wellness events organiser, Retreats, Film Documentaries and Workshops

Ambassador Code: inspiredle


B.E.S.T. Brisbane Studio

B.E.S.T is a non-forceful, energy balancing, hands on procedure used to help re-establish the full healing potential of the body.

Ambassador Code: BrisbaneBS


Beautiful You

Beautiful You is a day spa in Redcliffe servicing all hair and beauty needs.

Ambassador Code: BeautifulY


B.E.S.T. Studio

“We have a vision to share B.E.S.T with all that wish to empower themselves, both as a guides and educators for those looking to make informed positive health-concsious changes in their lives.”

Ambassador Code: B.E.S.T.S


The Grounded Way

The Grounded Way is committed to reaching a one-to-one ratio of events run for the public, to event run for vulnerable women through the Joining Hands Ambassador Program. These events bring together artisans, healers, artists and passionate men and women to support each other in business, and to bringing this dream to life. With our online resources we always align ourselves with great businesses for our launch giveaways.

Ambassador Code: GrWay


Briony Walker Photogoraphy

I am a dedicated documentary family photographer based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia where the weather is always warm and sunny (except for those lovely 3 days of Winter each year). We live with my partner Jon and his three children and every other week we have the laughter and chaos that is 6 kids (10 years to 4 years) leading to us nicknaming our house The Shoe!

Ambassador Code: BrionyWP