The theme of our second one-day women’s retreat for 2017 on Sunday 22 October was ‘Reignite’. Our intent was to create a program that was about invigorating the mind and body as well as encouraging imagination and inspiration. The program was jam-packed with opportunities to move the body, get creative, imagine, play, learn, eat and spend a day with awesome women.

It was an amazing day, made even more special by the women who joined us, the GiveBack Ambassadors who generously shared their wisdom and gifts, the intensity of the sessions and that every ticket sold to our sell-out retreat was paid forward to a young woman experiencing homelessness so that she gets the opportunity to attend her own retreat!

Opening circle was about setting intentions for the day. For some this was racing to make it to the venue, fear of doing something different and for others it was the unusual sensation of doing something for themselves.

The retreat started with some uplifting and refreshing yoga with Mel Archer of The Gentle Woman. Mel invited everyone to connect with their mind, body and spirit in this class. The practice she offered was nothing short of spectacular!


“My highlight was the yoga. I haven’t practiced in years and it has inspired me to go back.”


After a delicious morning tea from Little Delish, there were three creative maker sessions where creativity was unleashed! It was a choice between creating a black and white piece of art work to take home with Jo, a unique necklace made from recycled and upcycled materials with Em or some low-tox beauty products with Asja.

“Loved the flow of the day and balance of movement, creativity and personal reflection and growth.”


“The program was really lovely, especially the creative session. This was something I really enjoyed.”


Lunch from Little Delish in collaboration with The Grounded Way and was, of course, delicious! There was a simple bliss for many who could just eat without shopping, thinking, cooking or cleaning up.

“The food was delicious – I’d love the recipes!”


Following lunch, it was time for a self-love workshop lead by Nicole Mathieson. Nicole’s session was though provoking with lots of time for journaling and reflection. There were many ‘ah ha’ moments as Nicole shared practical tips from her seven years as a therapist.

“It was a fun and open, caring space where I could focus on self love.”


The final session was lead by Nia Black Belt teacher and Trainer Sophie Marsh. It was an inspiring hour of music, movement and mindfulness that got people lit up from the inside out. Sophie’s ability to infuse powerful, expressive and healing movement with sensation, visualisation, breath and sounding got everyone reigniting!

“I came to the retreat to recharge, take time out and enjoy being me. I now feel recharged, lit up and emotional.”


“I came to the retreat because I’m rebuilding myself and learning to look after myself. I felt emotional and damaged before but now I feel extremely positive…and proud also!”


The closing circle was beautiful, with the women sharing thoughts about gratitude, relaxation, connectedness and acknowledgement of the benefit that came from giving themselves permission to take some time out.

“I feel very ME again!”


“I loved the idea of the program. It feels like a sisterhood in so many ways.”


Our retreat would not have been possible without the support of our tribe of GiveBack Ambassadors who made the day so special. We invite you to support these big-hearted businesses that support us to provide access to wellness for vulnerable and homeless young people. You too can inspire wellness and be a change maker for homeless and vulnerable young people!

Big love and gratitude to:

Gillian from For Lucy for the beautiful handmade soaps in the goodie bags

Em from Emily The Maker for the inspirational postcards in the goodie bags and for the necklace making creative workshop

Mel from The Gentle Woman for the divine yoga

Jo for the black and white drawing creative workshop

Asja from The Grounded Way for the catering with Little Delish and the low tox beauty product creative workshop

Nicole for the self-love workshop

Sophie for the joy-full Nia

Vulcana Women’s Circus for the space