When: Monday 13 June (6.15pm – 8.30pm)
Where: 29 Halland Terrace, Camp Hill

Jenni is the founder and managing director of fair-trade company Coconut Magic, author of The Healthy Coconut and a self-professed health nut. She is a regular media contributor and a speaker at health and wellness events across the country. Jenni’s work and research delves into the healing power of plant-based foods and coconut oil, in a way that opens up a whole new way of life and exposes many long-standing food industry myths.

Jenni’s creation of Coconut Magic was the result of a series of synchronistic events combined with her ability to stay true to herself and what she believes in.

In her presentation Synchronicity – The Inner Path of Leadership Jenni will cover:

  • The role of intuition, heart and vision for leaders and entrepreneurs
  • The virtues that differentiate regular leaders from leaders with soul
  • Practical tools, tips and stories to guide you within, to the path of self leadership and your own soulful vision
  • Turning words into action – the gift.

Join us for an inspiring, educational and collaborative evening!


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