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Joining Hands is a social enterprise. We exist to provide access to health and wellbeing services for homeless and vulnerable young people, connecting everyone through wellbeing and inspiring change through community GiveBack.

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We believe that everybody has the right to live a life filled with joy, health and purpose.  With our wealth of experience working with homeless and vulnerable young people we have seen first-hand the impact of trauma and abuse on their mental and physical health. Joining Hands provides health and wellbeing services to young people providing them another way to heal and recover.

Choose Joining Hands and become part of our vision: to connect everyone through wellbeing.

The founding premise for Joining Hands is that relaxation and stress reduction therapies and techniques are significant contributors to health and wellbeing. When people are healthy and relaxed, they are more happy, connected and active within their social networks, community and daily activities.

Our Founder Kylie is a cancer survivor and thriver, with a background in Psychology, 17 years in the youth homelessness sector and a Natural Therapist. With this unique wealth of professional and life experience Kylie identified an unmet need in community.  Being a changemaker Kylie wanted to make a difference so in 2009 began running health and wellbeing clinics for homeless and vulnerable young women and their children partnered with Brisbane Youth Service. The response to these clinics was profound and often the young people shared that it was the first time they had ever been touched in a healthy non-violent way.

In 2011, inspired by the overwhelming response to our first GiveBack clinics  original founding members Kylie Lowe, Jill McKay and Mark Teis started a simple conversation about the need to provide access for all to the benefits of health and wellbeing  in a sustainable model which paved the way for  the creation of Joining Hands in 2012.

Simply put, when you choose Joining Hands to provide your health and wellness services, we give back health and wellness services to vulnerable young people who not otherwise be able to afford or benefit from them.

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Our vision


Our work is all about getting thousands of businesses to be active and reliable contributors to innovatively improving the health and well-being of homeless and vulnerable people.

“The enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health is one of the fundamental rights of every human being”

World Health Constitition

Meet our passionate crew

Kylie Lowe, Founder and Director

Kylie is an energised short haired cancer survivor and thriver, a mother of 2 beautiful daughters, a mad surfer and Nia dancer. She’s a Social Entrepreneur, Impact Academy graduate, Psychology graduate, Bowen Therapist, Homoeopath, Reiki Practitioner and Nia Dance Whitebelt graduate.  Kylie is wildly passionate about social justice, youth homelessness, healing, health and wellbeing for all.  She is equally as passionate about living a life with purpose and joy whilst inspiring and ensuring others have the opportunity to do the same along the way.

Kylie is the inspiring and driving force behind the innovative social enterprise, Joining Hands.  All who come into contact with Kylie agree that her energy draws you into being part of the Joining Hands vision. She believes passionately about using health and wellbeing to bring about healing and has seen first hand the benefits of access to health and wellbeing can have in the lives of homeless and vulnerable young people.

Kylie’s professional background is working with homeless and disadvantaged young people and their children for over 17 years. In 2008, after being diagnosed with cancer, she decided to work towards providing health and wellbeing services to these vulnerable members of society. Kylie started offering monthly free 3-4 hour Complementary Health Clinics to homeless young women and their children. Many of these young people had suffered trauma and abuse and were left with limited to no support or the financial means to access other means to bring about health and wellbeing. The results were amazing and up to 15 young women would turn up for the monthly clinic, allowing only 10 minutes each. Even with this limited time for treatments, the results continued to be profound. Kylie started Joining Hands in January 2012 in order to overcome the struggle for funding this important work, and the movement has been building momentum ever since.

Mark Teis

Founding member

When I joined – The day Kylie sat on my couch on the back deck of my home in Ashmore

Why I joined – To help youth at risk and to show then that mindfulness and complimentary therapies work.

My skills – Business/financial ideas and funding.  I also like to dream big

What lights me up – I love the homeless connect days the most and I love seeing the team working at events and knowing I was responsible for helping this get to where it is today. I also love to dance, do yoga, surf, travel and gardening

Joanne Paine

Treatment facilitator 

When I joined – I joined the team after a chance meeting with Kylie in 2012 and having ended up sourcing clinic space for her clients!  Wow, so much has happened since then!

Why I joined – I’m extremely passionate about the access of quality natural therapies to society and raising awareness of its ability to overcome health obstacles many people face, especially people in disadvantaged situations.

My skills – Massage therapy. I’ve been treating the body for 15 years now and incorporate remedial massage, reflexology, lymphatic drainage, reiki and acupressure into my treatment sessions.

What lights me up – My work, dancing, surfing, football, being creative and receiving body treatments!

Taryn Pallister

Joy facilitator

When I joined – September 2012

Why I joined – To support the creation of a new world order. To give back. To share more of who I am with the world.

My skills – Kahuna Bodywork, Nia, Yoga, Nia 5 stages and Retreat Facilitation

What lights me up – Following my spirit, dancing like no one is watching, living an intentional, joy filled life!



Massage Therapist

When I joined – June 2014

Why I joined – Helping young people at risk sounded rewarding and unique in the industry.

My skills – I’m a Remedial massage therapist and I also do relaxation massage, sports massage and Ka Huna Bodywork.

What lights me up – Being in nature, anything creative and helping people come back into their bodies.

Kendel Johnson

Intuitive Hands

When I joined – I joined the team in 2013 when Health Balance became a sponsor of JH

Why I joined – I worked at Healthy Balance Massage when I was introduced to JH when I learned about their goals and what they stand for. I couldn’t wait to join the team!

My skills – I am a qualified DIP of Remedial Massage and a Reiki Master. I also bring integrity, a open mind and a love of health and wellbeing. I believe in a holistic approach to health with a focus on wellness and love of life.

What lights me up – Above all my family is the most important part of my life. My two children and wonderful husband put a smile on my face each and every day. Watching our little family grow and love and live is my reason for wanting to share the gift of health and life.


Creative development stuff and the pursuit of social change!

When you joined – Silent backer and loud contributor from the beginning… and I’m in for the long haul!

Why you joined – Having worked over the past 15 years in the community services sector, specifically with homeless young people, and having my own connection with the benefits of complementary therapies, I know how great natural therapies can assist your state of mind, physical health and overall wellbeing.

My skills – Complimentary therapies experience, the belief in human potential… and I lovingly contribute to design and marketing for JH!

What lights you up – The fulfillment of human rights and social justice… loving up loved ones… graphic design that contributes to social change… the smell of a new puppy!


Social Media and Content Marketing Guru, Comms Captain

When you joined – Fringe dweller for years, ‘official’ team member since March 2016

Why you joined – I joined the team because I believe in Kylie and her vision and knew I could make a contribution! I’m happiest when I follow my heart and work with people and on projects I have a connection with and care about, so Joining Hands was a no-brainer really.

My skills –   Social media, writing, communications, strategist, attention to detail, pitch-in-and-do-what-needs-doing,

What lights you up – The resilience and tenacity of the young people Joining Hands works with, passion and commitment of the team, organising words into thoughtful sentences, creativity, cooking for friends, great conversation, fighting for social justice, good coffee, sea water and connection

Lucy Sklenar

Massage Therapist

When I joined – June 2013

Why I joined – I love my work as a therapist and feel a deep sense of fulfilment doing what I do, especially as a team member of JH.

My skills – Remedial Massage therapy

What lights me up – The outdoors, scuba diving, spending time with my dog, yoga, swimming, fresh air & nature, music, playing piano.

Sally Broadhurst

Naturopath and Nutritionist

When I joined – I connected with Kylie and JH in 2014 and have spent my time this year volunteering at charity events with the JH hands crew.

Why I joined – I have been involved in community charity work with Rosies Outreach for the past 5 years. After transitioning from there I was looking for a way I could give back to the community with my skills as a Naturopath and Nutritionist. Working with a social enterprise like JH and with it’s awesome director Kylie, allows me to share my gift with those in need as well as with those of us privileged enough to have access to natural health care services a part of our daily lives.

My skills – My skill set foundation comes from my Bachelor of Health Science where I majored in Naturopathy. My degree allows me to provide and share knowledge  and information about nutrition, whole foods, food as medicine, and using herbal and nutritional medicine to support our bodies healing processes and for maintaining great health and wellness.

What lights me up – Helping people achieve their health goals, watching my clients learn and grow as their knowledge and confidence expand in regards to their health, writing, Crossfit, Yoga, reading and spending time at the beach and in the sun, being out in nature.

Jerome Walker

Online Platforms Koala

When I Joined Hands – Joined in October 2013!

Why I joined – I joined to be a part of an innovative community that combines health, humanism and hands-on.

My skills – Where possible I contribute my skills in communications, web design, photography, and dad jokes.

What lights me up – This fascinating age of informational and technological fluidity, being around creative people, the beach, Fleetwood Mac.

Jose Adrian

Impact consultant and Kylie’s Soul Brother

When I joined – I didn’t join the team, the team joined me! I started working with Joining Hands and Kylie through Impact Academy. For almost 20 weeks I accompanied Joining Hands’ development and I’m proud to have witnessed a light bulb moment for which now I’ve continued my involvement past Impact Academy’s Accelerator Program

Why I joined – To continue developing what came out of a moment of sudden inspiration… a revelation! 😉

My skills – I guess what I bring to Joining Hands is thinking outside the box and a bit of creative input.

What lights me up – I’m passionate about Social Enterprise development! I’m very excited to see a model that has such a big impact being able to scale to the rate I see that Joining Hands can achieve! I’m so happy to see hardworking entrepreneurs to enjoy the fruits of their vision!

Ann Boon

Nia Enthusiast

Ann joined our team in 2014, sharing her story and her love of Nia with Joining Hands Founder, Kylie Lowe at an Inspired Living Event in Brisbane. Kylie and Ann met on the dance-floor, where they return again and again to self-heal, play, dance and embody their JOY!

Nia is a juicy, feel-good movement practice that draws inspiration from the martial arts, dance and healing arts.  It’s a body-mind-spirit practice that offers conditioning, health and wellbeing in a way that doesn’t feel like conventional exercise, yet provides a cardiovascular workout in an environment that feels more like dancing with friends.

Sharing the joy, inspiration and transformation that Nia offers is what lights Ann up!

Juanita Fuchs


When I joined – July 2014!

Why I joined – Social justice is very important to me as is making a contribution while I’m here on this earth!  When I met Kylie, the vision and passion that I saw in her inspired me and made me want to become part of the Joining Hands team.

My skills – Acupuncture, Cupping, Tuina (Chinese massage), Moxibustion, Chinese herbal medicine, Nutritional and lifestyle advice

What lights me up – Working on my craft, contributing to a purpose that is higher than me, adventure and immersing myself in other cultures

Feeling inspired to change the world? Are you a change maker? Want to share your amazing skills with Joining Hands to grow our movement? We’d love to hear from you.

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