Wednesday was a big day for us – huge!!

That day saw the culmination of our #30facesofhomelessness campaign that was all about introducing some of the incredible young people we’ve met. During the campaign we were honored to share the stories…of their experience of homelessness, of domestic violence, of big and little wins and what lights them up.

We also wanted to dispel the myths about young people and homelessness and fight the prejudice they experience by showing what their truth is.

We had a massive response to the campaign. Truth is so powerful! What lit us up was hearing the excitement and pride of the young people when they saw their pictures and their stories feature on our Facebook and Instagram. Thank you to all of you who followed along with the campaign and shared the precious stories that were entrusted to us.

As if the end of a month-long campaign wasn’t enough, we celebrated the end of it by launching our video. The video talks about who we are, what we do and why. Some of our much loved GiveBack Ambassadors and major partners share the impact being part of our tribe has had on their business and why that were drawn to join us. Most importantly, the video includes some of the young people we’ve met when we’re out and about in the community providing health and wellness treatments to homeless and vulnerable young people. In it they explain the impact that experiencing our treatments has on them…and it’s profound.

The video launch was such a celebration – hearts were full and more than a few tears spilled out. Our love, gratitude and deep appreciation goes out to:

  • Simon and Caitlan for not only being part of the video but for speaking at the launch.
  • All the young people from the campaign who joined us.
  • Brisbane City Council’s Visible Ink for the venue for our campaign photo shoot and video launch. Particular thanks to Kelly and her colleagues for their care and enthusiasm.
  • The brilliant Brent Balalas, Emmy and Peabody Award nominated film maker, who created our video, tweaked it many times and was nothing but patient and an all-round genius. Working with him was such a pleasure, both for us and the young people who he put at ease from the get go and then worked his magic.
  • Councillor Vicky Howard for kicking off our launch event and talking about the importance of ‘paying it forward’ and sharing stories in her speech. It was serendipity to have met Vicky when we were giving haircuts one day at Vis Ink and then to have her be part of our video launch.
  • Peter Ball of Impact Academy for the passionate words at the launch about the power of true social enterprise to create change in an actual scalable way. As part of Impact Academy’s first cohort, it was particularly special to have Peter join us.
  • Asja Svilans of The Grounded Way for delicious catering (Best. Brunch. Buffet. Ever!!!), making the space gorgeous with the flowers and deliciousness and for representing our tribe of GiveBack Ambassadors. The way she articulated the connection between what we do and how important it is for her business to have an element of giving back was beautiful.
  • Briony Walker for the stunning images she captured for the #30facesofhomelessness campaign and the launch. Briony donated her time, experience and talent and we are so grateful to have had a professional photographer who specializes in portraits on board!

Now that the video is officially launched, we really want to get it out in the world. We’ve even got a little competition going over on our Facebook page where you can go in the draw to win something pretty special for sharing our video, tagging a friend – or doing both. All the details are here, but get in quick because the competition ends June 7.